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Welcome to Konahrik Gaming

Konahrik Gaming is a Playstation exclusive gaming community for all gamers from any country who enjoy playing multiplayer and co-operative games. Konahrik Gaming Community was created with the aim of bring together gamers so they could meet others with the same interests and attitudes towards gaming.

Currently supported games on the PS4 include:
        • Battlefield: Hardline
        • Call Of Duty: Black Ops III
        • Rainbow Six | Siege
        • The Elder Scrolls Online

Possible upcoming support to games such as:
        • Battlefield Series
        • Call of Duty Series
        • H1Z1

However, please note that community prefered games varies a lot. While we may support certain games, if community interest is on one specific game then we will focus recruitment and community run events on that game. If you're considering joining us then please be flexible with games you'll play!

Konahrik Gaming was set up in the summer of 2013 by Westo77 and Gemini-Cru. The idea originated after both founders completed an enjoyable 6 months in a Black Ops 2 clan and met life long friends for which they began to explore other game titles with. However, being a Black Ops 2 only clan, Westo and Gemini began to wish for a community, rather than a clan, that could provide support for any game that its members want to play.

The name 'Konahrik' Gaming was inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 'Konahrik' translates to 'Warlord' from the Elder Scrolls Dragon Language and was the most powerful mask of all nine dragon priest masks in Skyrim. The full article about the Konahrik Mask can be found here: Konahrik (Mask)

With this Gaming Community we hope to provide you with a long list of gamers that you can share your incredible journey through to the next gen consoles with. But remember, have fun!

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